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1 Gal Bottle Pump (fits 1 gal Massage Lotion/Gel/Oil bottles) $4.05

1 Gal Bottle Pump (fits 1 gal Massage Lotion/Gel/Oil bottles)

In stock



Bon Vital´Product Pumps - whether you are looking to replace those worn out leaky caps or broken pumps, you have reached the right place! Our high-quality pumps are the best in the business and make refilling the smaller sizes a breeze! Bottle pumps are recommended for Gels, Oils, and Lotions. Jar Pumps are recommended for most Crèmes.

Bon Vital Bottle Pumps allow for a quicker and more convenient reapplication of massage product.

  • Easily open and close pump by simply twisting the top to lock the bottle, unlike most push and twist closure pumps

  • Provides easier dispensing of any Bon Vital massage lotion, oil, or gel

  • Add to larger Bon Vital product sizes for quicker reapplication during a massage

  • Note: Bon Vital Deep Tissue, Original, and All Purpose families work best in refillable tubes with clips, as their formulas are too thick to pump

  • Part of Bon Vital's specialty accessories line to make your massage more convenient and enjoyable

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