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14 fl oz Empty Jar w/pump $4.05

14 fl oz Empty Jar w/pump

In stock



Bon Vital 14 oz Jar with Pump is an empty jar made to hold Bon Vital crèmes to allow for more convenient dispensing than our larger product sizes.

  • Create a custom moisturizer by blending your preferred Bon Vital Essential Oils with any unscented Bon Vital oil, lotion, gel, or pumpable crème

  • Easily open and close pump by simply twisting the top to lock the bottle, unlike most push and twist closure pumps

  • Provides easier dispensing of any Bon Vital massage crèmes

  • 14 oz empty jar can be refilled from one of our larger Bon Vital product sizes

  • Note: Bon Vital Deep Tissue, Original, and All Purpose families work best in refillable tubes with clips, as their formulas are too thick to pump

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