Gloria Coppola has always  had a fascination for the healing arts, so over 30 years ago she decided to start researching everything that was available while she was the business administrator for one of the top neurologist in NJ.

She found her self soon pursuing a career in massage therapy and has never looked back! A career in massage had led her to an extremely successful full time practice almost immediately. Within one year she opened a multi disciplinary holistic center that helped thousands of people with a variety of a conditions from AIDS to Fibromyalgia, to TMJ to Vertigo.

Eventually Gloria also opened one of the most successful holistic massage schools in New Jersey. Training thousands of students in this healing art brought her an immense amount of joy.  Her students were well sought after by many healing centers and spas. She is proud that so many are still successful in their careers and also teaching around the U.S.

During the 90's, she also hosted several Body, Mind and Spirit expos to educate the community and inviting some top authors to present workshops.  She continually found ways to support her community and eventually began to write for several holistic publications, always promoting someone's service or classes.  In an effort to create a network of like-minded individuals, Gloria soon built a community of colleagues and friendships that until this day has stayed connected and helps each other in many ways.

Because Gloria loves to learn, she has studied many modalities in her long career, you can definitely call her a workshop junkie. Originally she focused on working along with referrals from medical doctors, chiropractors and surgeons in a rehabilitative type of practice. Eventually she fell in love with craniosacral therapy and was a teaching assistant for the Upledger Institute for many years.

As the years went on, Gloria traveled around the world to many sacred sites, studying with many indigenous shamans. Her curiosity eventually took her to live and train on Kaua'i, where the Hawaiian restorative healing art of lomi lomi found her. Lomi lomi has changed her life!  Today, Gloria teaches Lomi across the US and Canada and yearly brings groups to Kaua'i to experience the true essence of Aloha healing. It was on the island of Kaua'i that Gloria also helped bring massage to Wilcox Hospital, which started in their physical therapy department. Gloria was given  her Hawaiian name "Ku'uleialoha" by Kumu Brenda Ignacio, an honor and blessing to receive in 2010.

In addition, Gloria has helped coordinate and write massage programs for several schools from Kaua'i, Missouri and North Carolina and she has been a program director for a few massage schools too. Recently inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2011,She contributes  her success to the first massage she ever received from Bernadette Sims Vespi. 

You can also find articles that Gloria has contributed in Massage Today, Massage Magazine, Future LMT, Natural Awakenings, Inspiration, LNE & Spa Magazine , etc. She even has her own blog on Massage Careers. Thanks to the MassageNerd she even has videos on YouTube that will help you review or introduce you to a new modality.

Needless to say, Gloria keeps busy sharing, caring and continuing her studies in Massage.

What's new for Gloria?
Gloria is collaborating with some of our finest CE instructors to bring the massage community even more fun, information, value and education. You can find her teaming up with Laura Allen and Felicia Brown!

She offers lifestyle health coaching now too, because she is an advocate and believer we must walk our talk. The better we feel, the more our clients will follow our lead. She has helped countless numbers of individuals over the years find a better path to health, including while she owned a health food store. So it only makes sense that she now offers coaching too!

You never know what Gloria will be doing next, but she is always brainstorming new ideas, classes and ways to help people, when she isn't playing with her grandkids or new puppy.

You can find her on FaceBook and visit her website at

Oh P.S., there is some hint she is working on a book on healing ~~ stay tuned.

This blog post is written by Gloria Coppola