So, you just enrolled in a massage school…

Do you remember when you first started massage school and everything was so overwhelming? Most instructors feel the same way when they teach a group of students for the first time too. Brand new students are fun to teach and most instructors would agree with me. I love it when their eyes light up when they learn something new and it brings pure joy to the instructor’s heart when the student mimics what the instructor just taught them. 

Just like any other class, you will have people that get it right away and others that will take a few times to master it. One thing I learned in a ABMP class for instructors is don’t single students out and call that student a natural, because other students can start to resent you and that student. Some students have been giving massages for years to friends and students and others have never massaged before. Even the ones that have learned on their own will have a hard time, because they will need to change what they’ve done in the past.

Most massage schools you will get to try out different products like oil, creme, lotion and gel; and you will eventually end up finding what works for you. I love it when a student’s eyes light up when they finally found a product they will use again and again. My main advice is to experiment as much as you can, because when you start working as a professional massage therapist, the client might not want to be experimented on as much as another massage student. Bon Vital’ even offers free sample packages for students, so you can try out most of our products.

I think the hardest thing for students when they start the technique classes is getting undressed. It’s a totally new experience and it’s something you will need to get used to. More than likely the other student working on you is a little nervous too and they will take extra precautions so you will not get exposed and the instructor will be there with you, helping you with everything.

Study groups are a great way to interact with other students and to help you retain the knowledge from the classes you are taking. The hardest part about study groups is finding a time when you can all meet. My advice is to pick a time right after class or before class, because all the students will be around and it will make it a lot easier. You can even ask your instructor to help you set one up.

In closing, make sure you ask tons of questions, don’t let your personal life affect your schooling, remember to have tons of fun and try different things.

This blog post is written by Ryan Hoyme