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Bon Vital' Refillable Tube Clip $0.57

Bon Vital' Refillable Tube Clip

In stock



Economical massage therapists rejoice: Bon Vital Refillable Tube Clips allow you to squeeze out every last bit of product from any 8 oz refillable tube.

  • Refillable tube clip allows you to roll down your 8 oz refillable tube and easily squeeze product from container

  • Use this clip to roll down your Bon Vital Refillable Tube to ensure there is no wasted massage product

  • Take a five gallon pail or gallon of massage creme or lotion and fill one of Bon Vital's famous refillable tubes, then add a clip for even easier dispensing

  • Designed for 8 fl oz tubes of Bon Vital Massage Cremes

  • Part of Bon Vital's line of Specialty Accessories designed for the massage professional

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