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About Bon Vital'

Bon Vital' Logo

Founded in 1988, Bon Vital’ is dedicated to delivering the highest quality massage therapy and body care products to hands-on healthcare professionals, their clients, and consumers. Our name means “Good Life” and we believe that what you put on your skin and how it feels through both product and touch can make a huge difference in your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We focus on the quality of our ingredients and make specific choices based on feel and function. To understand the power of ingredients and the intricacies of formulation, we develop all products in-house with our own expert formulators. We maintain an innovation lab approach to constantly work with the top experts in each field to understand needs, trends, and improvements to existing products. As a leader in the professional massage market, the preferred brand among massage therapists based on a blind market test, and the #2 brand in market share, we offer a wide range of products (oil, lotion, crème, and gel) formulated with varying attributes that map well to specific preferences, modalities, and applications. Our spa products and BV Spa line offer the luxury of a spa setting at home and many leading spas use these products in treatment and for resale. Bon Vital’ offers products with thoughtful, premium ingredients and expert formulation for an invigorating renewal experience.

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