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About Perform

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Some like it hot. Others love the cold. Perform Pain Reliever offers active people a topical pain relief choice to suit their personal preference. Perform features USP-grade menthol for a cooling experience and Perform Atomic Heat creates a warming pain relief effect, each sensation providing soothing relief from the road bumps that come along with today’s on-the-go lifestyle. Both are from the makers of Biofreeze, the #1 recommended topical analgesic of hands-on health practitioners, and Cramer, inventor of the legendary Atomic Balm. These formulas are heat and cold time-tested to offer different aspects of performance and pain relief. Pain is inevitable, but with Perform you can choose the experience that works for you to keep moving.

Perform products are available in various sizes and formats, including gel, roll-on, and spray, as well as a travel-sized 1 oz. tube.

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