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Clinical & Pro

Performance Health designs and manufactures a broad collection of clinical brands that serve both practitioners and the patients and clients under their care. Our long standing relationships with hands-on healthcare practitioners have created meaningful partnerships that lie at the core of who we are and why we exist. We believe in hands-on healthcare and the experts who provide it. We recommend their services to those who use our products as a valuable complement in achieving personal health and wellness.

Through these partnerships, we learned long ago that Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Athletic Trainers, Podiatrists and other professionals have exacting standards. It is our privilege to rise to the challenge of earning their business every day. Many of our brands, such as Biofreeze, TheraBand, Cramer, and Bon Vital were literally brought to life through the inspiration and guidance of hands-on healthcare professionals.

Performance Health has a history of crafting products that will hold up to the scrutiny of evidence-based research and clinical practice and the company devotes considerable resources toward a multi-disciplinary, multi-national research effort centered on the company’s products. Not merely validating applicable uses for existing products, the research community Performance Health supports focuses on knowing what works and why, which we believe creates an environment for new product development with results that speak for themselves. The effort includes sharing this significant body of research on PerformanceHealthAcademy.com and educating practitioners on the products, exercises, techniques, and complete protocols the research yields.

We also support those practitioners who choose to resell our products in their clinics by providing free samples, merchandising tools, and live support built around best practices in clinical retailing. We educate thousands of healthcare practitioners every year on implementing ways to let their patients conveniently purchase the products they need directly from the clinic or practice.

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