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3 Bathroom Aids

If You Have Arthritis

When you’re living with arthritis, many daily activities can seem like a challenge.

Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or even something more personal, like using the bathroom, arthritis makes things more difficult. Someone without arthritis may not have to think about the pain in their knees while they bend to sit on the toilet, but you do.

But with the right tools, neither your safety nor your independence will be compromised in the bathroom. You can even avoid pain! These products all have the same goal: to make your life with arthritis easier in a cost effective way.

1 Toilet Paper Tongs

  • Decrease both your pain while making it easier to keep things hygienic
  • Tongs help grasp toilet paper to give greater control
  • Excellent aid for arthritis
  • Helps those with back pain since it decreases your reach when you would otherwise twist or bend
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Toilet paper tongs

2 Raised Toilet Seat

  • Eliminates painful bending to a low toilet seat
  • Saves your knees and hips from extra stress by raising the seat
  • Reduces your risk of falling
  • Fits on top of your current toilet and can be easily removed for use by others
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Raised toilet seat

3 Toilet Safety Frame

  • Provides a bit more help and support when getting on and off the toilet
  • Arms extend to help you sit and stand before and after going to the bathroom
  • Comfortable grip on arms allow you to leverage yourself and safely regain your balance after sitting
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Toilet safety frame

These are just a few tools you can add to your arsenal to make your life with arthritis easier.
You can still be independent and save yourself pain and effort – it’s a win-win.