Introducing the Roami Progressive Mobility Aid

Introducing the Roami Progressive Mobility Aid

Introducing the Roami Progressive Mobility Aid

What is Roami?
3 Benefits of Roami
2 Key Features of Roami
Is Roami right for your patients?

What is Roami?

Roami is a progressive mobility aid. It’s a 4-in-1 device designed to make independent living easier.

One device does the work of four mobility aids:

  • Walker: With the wheels up, Roami can be used as a traditional walker
  • Wheeled Walker: With the touch of a pedal, the retractable wheels can be let down to turn the walker into a two wheeled walker
  • Stair Assist: Use Roami as a stair assist for support when walking up and down the stairs
  • Posture and Gait Aligner: Adjust the angle of the walking frame to support proper posture and gait while walking



Wheeled Walker

wheeled walker

Stair Assist

stair assist

Posture and Gait Aligner

Posture and Gait Aligner

See Roami in action!

3 Benefits of Roami

  1. Use on-the-go, Roami can be used on...
    • A variety of surfaces from hardwood floors and carpet to grass and gravel
    • Inclines and declines
    • Curbs and thresholds
    • Stairs, while walking both up and down them
    • Flat surfaces
  2. staris

  3. Easy to transport
    • Roami folds up making it easy to take with you on-the-go
  4. roami 68

  5. Available in stylish colors and a modern, updated design. Choose from:
    • Rose Gold
    • Charcoal Grey
    • Red
    • Urban Blue
    • Warrior

color options

2 Key Features of Roami

  • Retractable Wheels
    • Use the simple foot pedal to raise and lower the retractable front wheels
    • Quick and easy to transform Roami from a walker to a wheeled walker and vice versa
  • roami 62

  • Cam-Lock
    • The unique cam-lock allows Roami to be used as a stair assist and posture and gait aligner
    • It changes the angle of the walker to best fit your environment when walking on slopes or up and down stairs
    • It also allows you to set the walker to the perfect angle to help you keep a proper posture while walking
  • roami 37

Is Roami right for your patients?

Learn about the clinical applications for Roami and decide if it’s the right choice for your patients who need a mobility aid.

Or learn more about Roami in general and check out your non-wheeled and wheeled purchasing options!

no wheelswith wheels

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