Why the Roami is Perfect for Your Patients: Clinical Applications

Why the Roami is Perfect for Your Patients: Clinical Applications

Why the Roami is Perfect for Your Patients: Clinical Applications

As you inform your patients about their mobility aid options, make sure you’re up-to-date on all of their possible choices. After all, if you’re going to help your patients make the best decision, you need to have all the information.

Have you heard of Roami? It’s a new 4-in-1 mobility aid that’s a great option for a variety of patients. This single device can be used as a walker, wheeled walker, stair assist, and gait and posture aligner.


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For Patients Recovering for Injury or Surgery
For Elderly Residents
For Veterans
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For Patients Recovering for Injury or Surgery

knee injury therapy

Roami is an ideal mobility device because it adapts, allowing it to be used as patients progress in outpatient rehab and grow stronger.

Your patient can start with a non-wheeled walker for sturdy support while walking. Then they can use the retractable wheels to turn Roami into a wheeled walker when they are ready for longer, more mobile walks.

When you determine that your patient is ready to tackle their biggest challenge, Roami can be used for assistance on the stairs. From a couple porch steps up into their house to a whole flight, Roami offers support while your patients navigate the stairs.

The mobility aid can also be used to help support proper posture and gait. Set Roami’s angle to help guide your patient into the correct position for walking.

Roami is the perfect choice as your patients progress through their rehab journey.


For Elderly Residents

elderly couple

Roami is an excellent choice for elderly users as their mobility needs change.

Roami can be used on the stairs to offer support and stability while the user walks up or down the steps.

It can also be used as a wheeled walker to provide the support a senior needs as they run errands, go shopping, and live their independent lives.

When the user needs more support, Roami can be transformed into a non-wheeled walker with the use of a foot pedal. The retractable wheels allow Roami to quickly adjust to meet your resident’s needs depending on the day.

Roami can also help improve posture and gait, thanks to its cam-lock. This allows you to set the angle of the mobility device to keep your resident in the proper position while walking.

Long term care residents can use one mobility device, Roami, even as their mobility needs change over time.

roami stairs

For Veterans


Looking for the right mobility aid for your Veteran? Roami might be the perfect fit.

Choose one mobility device to match their needs now and into the future! No matter where your Veteran is on their rehab or aging journey, Roami may be the answer.

"Roami addresses the ambulation needs of wounded warriors and veterans -- allowing the individual to remain independent and thrive in their workplace, home, and community.Remaining independent with their mobility intact provides veterans with the dignity and confidence they deserve."


The 4-in-1 mobility aid transforms from a walker to a wheeled walker with the simple push of a foot pedal. Whether the Veteran needs more stable support or a more mobile option for longer walks, Roami can help.

It can also be used as a stair assist for support while walking up and down the stairs. And it can help correct the Veteran’s posture and gait while they walk, thanks to the ability to set the angle of the device.

Roami comes in a variety of colors from stylish rose gold to vibrant red. Check out the Warrior Camo version as one possible option for your Veteran!


Learn more about Roami!

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