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“Hi. I'm an Occupational Therapist working with a teenager with ataxia. He has had success using a weighted fork, but is complaining it is falling out of his hand. Would this particular style universal cuff (Universal Holder with Strap) be able to accommodate the width of a weighted fork?
Thank you for your assistance.”

“Are the Performa Hot and Cold Gel packs a single use item (single patient) or wipeable for reuse with multiple patients?”

“Hello. My dad is 78 and has CSM and Spinal stenosis. He is having severe muscle spasms and pain in the back. What would you suggest? Anything will help as going to a doctor is not easy.”

“Hello. I a Research Coordinator for our Hand Department, and in the market for new pinch gauges. 

I am in need of the sensitivity (minimum detectable strength) and calibration for each of these models; Jamar, B&L Engineering, and Baseline models. Any further information or help would be appreciated.”


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20 years experience in inpatient, acute care, intensive care units & burn units

OT degree, OT doctorate and specialty certifications in Assistive Technology and Seating & Mobility

Baylor’s current Clinical Assistant Professor and the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator

Conducted thousands of educational events on a wide variety of topics

Headlined live, national speaking tours – reaching 20,000+ therapists in 46 states