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Vasyli Gives Back
Vasyli is providing FREE access to all of their continuing education courses. If your hours are cut, this is the perfect opportunity to stay productive.

  • Sagittal Plane Course Code: VIONICCARES3
  • Tissue Stress Course Code: VIONICCARES2
  • Introductory Biomechanics Course Code: VIONICCARES1

Performance Health is deemed by the Department of Homeland Security, CISA list, as an “essential” business and is exempted from every state and city shelter in place order to date (including outside of the US locations). Globally we are also adhering to a “stay at home” ruling. All our manufacturing and distribution facilities are open and keeping our employees safe is of the utmost importance. We are utilizing all methods to keep employees as safe as possible including social distancing, taking employee temperatures prior to entering the building, staggered employee breaks, and all employees are wearing PPE. We also increased frequency in cleaning surfaces, including the use of cleaning fog machines.