Whether you want to climb a mountain or a flight of stairs,
TheraBand will be there to help you surpass your next goal

TheraBand’s progressive resistance system makes it easy to find a band that fits your needs and progress to different bands as you grow stronger during your workouts or therapy.

Backed by decades of research that prove TheraBand resistance bands are a safe, effective alternative to dumbbells and heavy weight plates. Plus, they save space in your home.

The lightweight bands are easy to take with you on vacation, to work, or to use outdoors in a park or backyard. You can keep up your exercise routine wherever you go.



TheraBand Resistance Levels
TheraBand invented the color progression system and incorporates engineered
consistency of pull-force and progression in all elastic resistance products.

TheraBand resistance products are the most
predictable, reliable
 and quantifiable color progression products on the market.