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Ounce-for-ounce a better fighter than retail Biofreeze®

  • 4oz, Gel Tube vs. 3oz. Gel Tube
  • Lasts up to 36% longer*
  • Optimized, smoother formula - easier to apply

*Biofreeze Professional Roll-On Formula, compared to regular Biofreeze Roll-On. Biofreeze Professional Gel formula lasts 18% longer compared to regular Biofreeze Gel.

Biofreeze Professional Gel & TheraPearl Back Wrap

Reusable hot/cold packs conform to the body when frozen or heated

  • Specifically designed for back, shoulder, knee and other areas
  • Soft on skin and extremely comfortable - able to place directly on skin
  • Glycerine gel beads retain temperature for recommended time of 20 minutes