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How to Prevent and Reduce
Pregnancy Stretch Marks

About 90% of women get stretch marks after the sixth or seventh month of their pregnancy. So, if you have them, please know you're not alone. Most marks fade from red and purple to grey or white over time. But if you are self conscious about your stretch marks, there are a couple of ways to further reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

You can minimize their appearance by using these two simple products.


Your Pregnancy

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream

Keeping your skin hydrated during pregnancy is vital. This cocoa butter cream includes Vitamin E and other moisturizers to smooth your skin and diminish the appearance of stretch marks on your tummy and other body parts.

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Your Pregnancy

Gel-Care Gel Body Wraps

These gel body wraps contain antioxidants and botanical mineral oil. They are flexible, allowing you to mold them around your belly and body. Reduce the appearance of your stretch marks after delivery using this reusable wrap, which can be cut to any custom size.

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What Causes
Stretch Marks?

If your body grows faster than your skin can, the elastic fibers beneath your skin break creating stretch marks.

Pregnant women typically get the marks on their stomachs and breasts, but they can also appear on your thighs, upper arms, and buttocks.

Other Factors to Consider...

Weight Gain

Women at a healthy weight should gain about 25-30 pounds when pregnant. To prevent stretch marks, it's best if the weight gain is slow and steady rather than in fast bursts.


If your mother had stretch marks during her pregnancy, it's more likely you will have them too, as genetics play a role.


If you have light skin, your stretch marks will probably be pink-ish. If your skin is darker, the marks tend to be lighter than your skin color.

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