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Connect Your e-Procurement System with Medco’s
PunchOut Capabilities.

We want to make ordering simple and easy for all our customers.
Our new PunchOut capabilities save you time, allowing you to browse our website and order within your e-procurement system.

How does ordering through PunchOut e-procurement work?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Access Medco’s website through your facility portal, shop for your products, and view them all in your cart.

Click select ‘Transfer Cart’ which will bring you back to your procurement application to generate the order.

Orders can be sent by EDI, email, or fax. Use self-service order tracking to track when your shipment will arrive.

Add Medco Sports Medicine to your PunchOut e-procurement system.
It's quick, just fill out this form! 

Why should you add Medco to your PunchOut e-procurement system?

Easy Supply Chain Management 

  • Enhanced user experience generating POs
  • No need to enter “special” items into eProcurement software or ERP system
  • “Favorites Lists” can be loaded by department to drive standardization of products ordered
  • Streamlined item master data management
  • Seamless ordering for your team

Seamless Ordering for Your Team

  • Use your existing application to punch into
  • Access to Favorites Lists
  • “Real-time" visibility to current stock status and suggested subs for any backordered items 

Medco IT Team Support

  • Our team will coordinate with your IT staff for quick and easy integration 
  • We have experience with launching PunchOut on multiple eProcurement software or ERP system Platforms
  • Our PunchOut offering is compatible across many e-procurement applications