Sammons Preston Therapy Putty

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Clinical and Personal Use The wide range of sizes and resistances available means that there’s an exercise putty for everyone. Large tubs are great for giving out samples to clients and patients while the smaller amounts are great for personal use. Rehabilitation Exercises Resistance putty is... more info
  • Bleed proof and non-oily formula helps keep the skin clean without sticking to the skin
  • Won't stain, fragment, or separate for repeated, long-term use
  • For pinching, gripping, and twisting exercises
  • Sizes range from 2 oz. to 5 lbs. for personal or professional use
  • Latex-free and non-toxic composition is safe for anyone with latex sensitivities or allergies
Brand Sammons Preston
Performance Preferred Yes
Clinical and Personal Use The wide range of sizes and resistances available means that there’s an exercise putty for everyone. Large tubs are great for giving out samples to clients and patients while the smaller amounts are great for personal use. Rehabilitation Exercises Resistance putty is... more info

Therapy Putty

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty is designed for physical therapy, hand strengthening, and postoperative rehabilitation.

The putty can be manipulated by squeezing, stretching, pinching, and twisting to increase your hand strength, dexterity, and functionality.

Physical and Occupational Therapists

often use therapy putty during clinical treatments of hand pain from injury or surgery.

The various colors and firmness levels allow for progressive strength training.

It’s also a great tool for at-home therapy.

Start with yellow and work your way up!

“I bought yellow and red for someone working on their motor skills. While the yellow is soft and feels comfortable to start out, we also have the red for pulling and twisting. There are many ways to play with this, and four ounces is a pretty big chunk. You can hide things in it to dig them out, sculpt it, or just roll and twist it. ​
I just bought an extra for the kids to play with too, since it's easier to clean than slime.”

- craftymama, Amazon Customer

Progressive Resistance System

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty has a color-coded progressive resistance system of six colors, each with a different level of resistance. The resistance system allows you to advance to the next color if you need a greater challenge during your recovery and strengthening process.

Combine Colors

Personalize your putty and the way you train by combining together different colors. Combining colors to create a custom resistance aids in easy transition between resistance levels.

Perfect for broken wrist

“I broke my wrist and wanted to keep up the strengthening after I was released from physical therapy. This putty is the same brand used by my physical therapy group, so I already knew what it should feel like in terms of consistency.

Some of the other brands were 6 oz rather than 4 oz and I considered ordering those, but I was concerned about the comments indicating that they were gooey. I stuck with this brand, because I wanted to be sure and get the same thing used in PT even though it was only 4 oz. I'm a woman with small hands, so the 4 oz isn't too small.

I was using the tan version (super soft consistency) in PT, but wanted to advance to something with a little more resistance. I debated between the green, red and yellow but went ahead and got the yellow which is only one step above the tan. It's worked out well so far - not too hard, not too soft. I keep it on an end table and use it when I am watching television.

Squeezing and pulling is very therapeutic and much more entertaining than just squeezing a therapy sponge as I had been doing. You will want to use it with freshly washed hands and keep it in the container when you aren't using it so that it stays clean. It's putty, so it's going to pick up dirt and dust easily if you leave it out or drop it on the floor while using it.”

- L. Jones, Amazon Customer

Choose from a Variety of Sizes

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty comes in six sizes. The smaller sizes are great for individuals to use at home while the larger sizes can be divided up for large groups of patients in rehab clinics.

Therapy Putty for Stress Relief

Tired of squeezing your stress ball all day long?
Use therapy putty to relieve your stress and keep your hands busy. This can help you think clearly and increase productivity. You can squeeze, stretch, twist, and manipulate the putty however you want. The putty is easily stored in its container and can be used at your office desk while you work, at home when you’re bored on the couch, or when you’re up all night writing a paper for school.

The green putty is firm & not greasy!

“I like the feel and density of the green putty. It's not greasy at all and it's firm. I wasn't sure how many oz's to order so I went with 6oz. It's more than enough, so I split it in two and gave half to my friend for arthritis and he actually likes it, and he hates everything!

When I went to PT, I saw the size they use and theirs is 2oz. Theirs is a different brand and a little greasy. This brand is better, so all my research paid off."

- Reezie, Amazon Customer

9 Therapy Putty
Rehab & Strengthening Exercises

Finger Scissor
Hold a putty ball between two fingers and bring your fingers together to “cut” the putty.

Fingertip Pinch
Hold the putty ball between your index finger, middle finger, and thumb and pinch it.

Power Grip
Hold a larger amount of putty in your ball and squeeze it using all of your fingers, repeat adding your thumb.

Hold one end of the putty in your hand. Use your other hand to pinch a bit of the putty using your thumb and index finger, then twist.

Full Finger Spread
Roll your putty out into a “snake”. Form a circle and wrap the putty around all of your fingers and your thumb. Spread your fingers outward against the putty.

Finger Extension
Roll your putty into a “snake”. Wrap the putty over the top of one finger & hold it using your other hand. Extend and straighten your finger against the putty.

Flat Pinch
Hold the putty with your fingers extended on top and your thumb below and pinch it between them.

Thumb Extension
Roll out your putty, then wrap it around your thumb to form a circle, holding the bottom of the circle in your palm. Extend and straighten your thumb against the putty.

Two Finger Spread
Form a “snake” with the putty by rolling it out and wrap it around two fingers. Spread your fingers apart.

Therapy putty is my first choice for my patients.

“Hand strength has been documented as an indicator of overall health. Sammons Preston TheraPutty has been a staple in my clinic for 25 years. Whether it be the putty’s multiple options for graded resistance, superior consistency, or its extensive clinical applications, this therapy putty is my first choice for my patients. Sammons Preston Therapy Putty is not only useful for an individual home exercise program for the hand but as an excellent addition in simulating resisted occupation based activities in my clinic.”

​​- Jim Wagner OTD, OTR/L, CHT, CPAM, CSCS

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