TheraBand VECTOR

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Creates a Vector of Resistance During Rehabilitation Resistance tube training creates a true vector force in all planes, unlike free weight training. THERABAND Vector allows the body to move horizontally, vertically, rotationally, or a combination of the three. The gold standard THERABAND tubing... more info
TheraBand Vector Components Chart
  • The VECTOR comes with 10 light and 10 heavy THERABAND VECTOR Tubes, 2 long strap loop handles, 1 thigh cinch strap, 1 long torso strap, 2 door anchors, 8 carabiners, 1 carry bag, and access to the THERABAND VECTOR App
  • The system expands the capabilities of clinics by offering a wide range of resistance levels (10 to 100 lbs) for varied training intensities
  • A simplistic, user-friendly design allows for easy resistance adjustments with a twist of a cap
  • Suitable for personal and professional use in gyms, physical therapy clinics, fitness centers to accommodate users of all ages and fitness levels
  • Replacement tubes are available for additional purchase
Brand THERABAND Vector
Performance Preferred Yes

Creates a Vector of Resistance During Rehabilitation

Resistance tube training creates a true vector force in all planes, unlike free weight training. THERABAND Vector allows the body to move horizontally, vertically, rotationally, or a combination of the three. The gold standard THERABAND tubing is combined with the Vector Dial-In Progression System to maximize resistance training. The steel structure gives users the opportunity to use several THERABAND tubes in unison for more dynamic exercises to build strength, endurance, and mobility. THERABAND Vector offers a dynamic and scalable training solution to deliver exercises with the same functionality as a commercial grade cable machine.

Specialized Resistance Cables with Adjustable Tension

THERABAND Vector uses THERABAND tubing designed with Kevlar string to reduce snap-back risk. The elasticity in the resistance tubing cause the muscles to lengthen further when tension is effectively maintained. These tubes are easily removed and replaced, while their resistance can be adjusted in minute intervals from 10 to 100 pounds. The varying tensions can be applied by simply turning the Vector’s cap to the desired resistance level. The Vector offers enhanced safety as the cables are housed inside the unit to reduce exposure or wear-and-tear when not in use. The base of the THERABAND Vector provides 45 inches of pull length while the base of the THERABAND VECTOR X provides an additional 15 inches of pull length. The additional length is for exercises that require a longer range of motion.

Helps Create New Challenges While Training

The versatile resistance tubing system challenges users and helps them to achieve their fitness goals in a safe, efficient manner. This resistance tube system has the ability to perform single and multi-vector exercises that target specific muscles and create new challenges for patients and help assess dose, and progress patients undergoing rehabilitation. THERABAND Vector can be used in any safe location, indoors and outdoors. The carabiner attachment and door/wall anchor allows the vectors to fasten to chain-link fences, door frames, support beams, and more. The equipment needs to be attached to an anchor point that is capable of resisting loads up to 440 lbs (200 kg).

An Innovative Next Generation Mobile VECTOR System

A New Resistance Training Tool
for Rehabilitation and Sports



It’s a new tool for resistance training using THERABAND Tubing.

It can be used for dynamic and isometric, single and multi-vector exercises. The unique design makes it easy to set up and change resistance levels, quicker to clean, and safer to use. Plus it’s portable!

Who is the THERABAND VECTOR best for?

The THERABAND VECTOR is ideal for a variety of patients and athletes.
Because it allows you to change the resistance, the same VECTOR can be used for:

• Rehabilitation patients
• Veterans
• Athletes
• Anyone interested in strength
  and performance training

Opens Up a New Range of Rehabilitation Exercises

“Setting up a patient for dynamic and isometric, single and multi-vector exercises has never been easier. I can quickly adjust resistance levels, change accessories and remain engaged with my patient. The THERABAND VECTOR opens up a new range of rehabilitation exercises that my patients love.”


Kevin Wilk, DPT
Champion Sports Medicine
Birmingham, AL


1. Attach the THERABAND VECTOR to a secure anchor point using the carabiner
2. Attach your desired accessory (loop handle, thigh strap, or torso strap) to the swivel loop
3. Rotate the Cap Assembly to choose your weight equivalent pull (WEP) level to engage 1, 2, or 3 discs
4. Perform the desired exercise by pulling on the attached accessory for your desired number of reps
5. Complete your exercise by returning the Cap Assembly to its home position on the Base Assembly

The Top 6 Features

1. THERABAND Tubing with Kevlar Core
• Enhances safety by reducing snap-back risk

2. Dial-In Resistance
• Saves time by making it easy to choose your resistance

3. VECTOR Tube System
• Enables new exercises thanks to tubing that delivers weightequivalent pulls of 10 to over 100 pounds

4. Protective Cover
• Simplified cleaning compared to traditional elastic resistance

5. Universal Attachment System
• Increases versatility by making it easy to attach to any anchor and swap accessories

• Features instructions, exercise videos, and a resistance level guide making it easy for you and your patients to get started

Quickly Switch Resistances

Turn the Cap Assembly
to quickly choose your resistance level.
Level 1: 4 tubes engaged

Level 2: 6 tubes engaged
Level 3: 8 tubes engaged

Switch out the tubing to allow more resistance versatility or to replace worn tubing in less than one minute.

1. Remove the outer protective cover by pushing the covertoward the swivel end and turning counter-clockwise

2. Remove the cap by pinching and holding the tabs during removal

3. Remove tube by releasing the ball end from the flower petal and pulling it through the disc at the top

4. Thread the tube through the disc at the top and then secure the ball end in the flower petal

5. Replace the cap, pushing it down over the tabs

6. Replace the outer cover by aligning it with the unlocked icon, pushing up and turning clockwise to the lock icon

5 lbs.

13.5 lbs.

While the THERABAND VECTOR enables many possible configurations, here are 9 basic resistance options.

• Based on full extension, at 200% extension initial pull force is closer to 10 pounds.
• Weight Equivalent Pull is based on the maximal pull length associated with the internal Kevlar® string length

Find the Perfect THERABAND VECTOR Unit for Your Clinic

Learn more about all of our VECTOR Units and Kits!
Or read more about your options under the “More Info” section on this page.

Use with Other TheraBand Products

Use with the CLX resistance band for even more strengthening exercises!

Excellent for balance training
with older adults!

A great addition to
overhead exercises for athletes!


Learn how to use the TheraBand VECTOR and gain access to a library of single and multi-vector exercises with the TheraBand VECTOR App!