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Veterans Helping Veterans
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Performance Health Veteran Heather Gagne

Heather Speaks About How She and Performance Health Help Veterans

Q: What was your position in the USMC?
A: My MOS in the Marine Corps was 3531, Motor Transport.

Q: What comes to mind when thinking of the veterans we serve?
A: Whether it is a veteran at the VA who is utilizing our products to recover or another athletic trainer who is a veteran, connecting and serving them is fulfilling. Knowing that a veteran is getting a service or product that they so greatly deserve is a great feeling.

Q: How has serving in the USMC impacted the way you work?
A: Being a Marine means having the ability to endure more than most and a determination that will not relent in the face of hardships and difficulty. That idea as well as other Marine Corps values such as honor, courage, and commitment has carried over into my work as an athletic trainer and now as a sales consultant by being the building blocks to help me making the right decisions at the right time.  Being able to improvise, adapt, and overcome any obstacle in life personally or professionally has brought me the success I have today. Once a Marine, Always a Marine is a statement that I can attest too because you do not join the Marines, you become a Marine.

Q: What does serving veterans mean to you?
A: Veterans fought for our freedoms and risked their lives whether we realized it or appreciated it. Without the service of veterans, we would not have the freedoms we have today, so being able to serve veterans is a way of giving thanks.

Q: How do you personally feel you get to help veterans?
A: I think being a veteran and understanding the true sacrifice and service to this country that veterans have made, makes helping and giving back to veterans very rewarding.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?
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