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Q: What was your position in the military

A: USMC 4063, 4066, 0369 and 8541- Worked with the SRI’s

Q: How many VA Facilities doyou currently serve?

A: Albuquerque, Amarillo, El Paso, Lubbock,Oklahoma City, San Juan PR, and Wichita.

Q: What does serving veteransmean to you?

A: Serving veterans to me is about making sure I know and understand what their needs are, the regulations and moving heaven and earth to fulfill those needs.

Q: How do you personally feelyou get to help veterans?

A: I stay connected with the clinicians & fulfillment reps that work directly with veteran healthcare.  They know they can call me anytime day or night to help provide the products they need to help & heal our heroes.

Q: What comes to mind when thinking of the veterans you serve?

A: Veterans take oaths to serve essentially setting aside their individual liberty and for most it’s a lifelong commitment. It’s this commitment our veterans make that obligates us to honor, respect, and recognize as an organization.

Q: What is a moment when you realizedyour work at Performance Healthdirectly helped serve a veteran?

A: In 2017, I assisted a home installation for a veteran on the Navajo Nation reservation just outside of Shiprock. This gentleman wasn’t a code talker but served with them in WWII.

We essentially reconfigured his bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and access areas around his home. When it was completed, he sang us the Marine Corps Hymn in his native tongue and embraced each of us.

As a fellow Marine this reminded me that my position with Performance Health allows me to continue to live my core values of Honor - Courage - Commitment. Semper Fi.
- Dave