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Our new customer promise articulates why Performance Health is the logical choice for rehabilitation and recovery providers and patients. At Performance Health we have a mission critical mind-set in that we exist to support patient recovery by providing solutions for clinicians to use that will enable positive patient outcomes and lower the chances of a costly readmission.

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Customers around the World have been depending on our products

for over 60+ years

Our expertise allows us to innovate to enhance patient recovery

 “My customers are dealing with patients who just completed surgery. They need to start their rehabilitation immediately. They need their orders correct the first time or they are holding up recovery. Performance Health does a good job delivering correctly the first time."

- Business Development Manager
“I have a long standing relationship with Performance Health. It is nice to have a sales rep that is very responsive to my needs. This relationship has sustained itself through the years.”

- Business Development Manager
“Performance Health has a wide range of the products I need.”

- Executive Assistant to Operations
“It is important that our clinics have their supplies. Without them we can't serve our patients. We love that Performance Health has the equipment we need and can provide service. We lose money everyday equipment is down. It's important to have a partner like Performance Health for new equipment and Service.”

- Executive Assistant to Operations
“Performance Health has what our patients need. They have tools that make ordering frictionless.”

- VISN Service Line Manager
“An advantage to Performance Health is their integrated in our purchasing system. They are tied to our GPO. It's nice to seldom hear of issues”

- Sr. Dir. of Contract Administration
“Performance Health has high quality products designed for rehab”

- Internal Marketing Director



Rich library of useful training and research content including 780 clinical research papers focused on rehabilitation and recovery

Our reach extends to over 5K hospitals, 170 VAs, 30K clinics

Committed to fill rate
on the most relevant rehabilitation products purchased by thousands of clinicians every day

Category management team with 120 years of experience focused on curating a portfolio for rehabilitation and recovery

Trained PT, OT and AT’s on staff

Strong rehabilitation and recovery
brands in #1 and #2 market position

195 design patents held globally
demonstrating true product development


Committed fill rate on the most relevant rehabilitation products
bought by thousands of clinicians every day

Select and store your favorite products for quick ordering and standardization

We deliver 99% of orders accurately and are committed to making on-time shipments

We Deliver to over
100K points of care

We will help find the easiest and most efficient way for you to place your orders with us. We accept orders via EDI, Fax, Phone and Online


Global company focused on rehabilitation in over 100 countries

500 global partners

United States based manufacturing locations in Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, New Jersey and New York

Recognized with 4 national industry awards from our partners

We are contracted
with your GPO

Innovation in rehabilitation
and recovery products

Performance Health
products comply
 with FDA and ISO 13485 industry standards

Deep partnerships with key industry associations in PT, OT, AT and Chiro. Actively engage with over 70k professionals