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How to Get Dressed When You Have Arthritis:

6 Helpful Dressing Aids

There are over 100 different types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the common, followed by rheumatoid arthritis.

The symptoms of each kind may vary, but joint pain, swelling, and stiffness are common. This can make getting dressed every day a difficult and painful chore.

Whether you have, hip, or knee arthritis,

dressing aids can make your morning routine easier.

1 Sammons Preston Reacher

Reachers can help you pull up pants without needing to bend over. They’re great for people with hip or knee arthritis. If your hands are stiff, the ergonomic grip on this reacher makes it easier to use than a trigger finger handle.

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2 The Dressing Solution

Get two-in-one with this dressing stick and shoehorn combination. The large foam grip is easy to hold. Put on shirts, pull up skirts, take off socks, or slide into shoes with this device.

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3Flexible Sock Aid

This tools makes sure you don’t have to bend while putting on socks. The built-up foam handles make this sock aid easier to grip with arthritic hands. If you use compression socks for swelling, a more rigid Sock and Stocking Aid with Built-Up Foam Handles would be the best fit.

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4 Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn

This 24” long shoehorn has a handle that’s ideal for arthritic hands. The nylon loop can be wrapped around your hand for support when in use. Best of all, the long shaft eliminates the need for bending

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5 Button Hook

If you find it difficult to fasten your shirt buttons, you need this tool. Just slip the wire hook through the buttonhole and around the button. Then pull the button back through the hole.

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6 Tylastic Shoelaces

Arthritis can make tying your shoelaces difficult. Just tie these elastic laces once and you can slide in and out of your shoes after that without having to constantly retie them. The laces look like regular shoelaces and come in black, brown, or white.

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Tips to Make Dressing Easier

  • Lay Out Your Outfit the Night Before.
    If your arthritis is worse in the morning, prepare ahead of time.
  • Replace Your Dresser Pulls.
    Larger handles make opening drawers less difficult. If your hands ache, close the drawer by pushing with your forearm instead.
  • Buy Clothes with Larger Openings
    Shirts with larger holes are easier to slip into. Avoid clothes with buttons or zippers in the back.
  • Sit Down While You Get Dressed.
    Place your stiff arm or leg into the clothing first. When you get undressed, remove your stronger are or leg first.
  • Pre-Tie Your Neckties.
    Ask a friend to tie your ties ahead of time. Then you can just slip them on and tighten the knot.