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Top Products for Managing Lymphedema After Breast Cancer
January 31, 2024

Top Products for Managing Lymphedema After Breast Cancer

Lymph vessels run throughout the body, much like blood vessels. They absorb lymph fluid from the tissue and move it to the lymph nodes to be filtered. During breast cancer surgery, some lymph nodes may be removed to check for cancer cells. Radiation therapy can also damage the lymph system and lead to blockages.

aquatic therapy
December 20, 2023

Enhance Your Practice and Career with Specialized Physical Therapy

Specialties in the field of physical therapy are the key to advancing your career and enhancing your practice. Whether you're delving into aquatic therapy, geriatrics, hand therapy, or pelvic health, these specialized areas not only bolster your professional skills but also attract new patients to your clinic. In this article, we explain how our products make a difference and can help impact your career journey.

man stretching with THERABAND
November 22, 2023

THERABAND® Proven to Last Five Times Longer Than Another Leading Resistance Band

THERABAND® has always been considered the industry leader for resistance bands, and they now have the testing to prove it. After extensive third-party testing, THERABAND non-latex resistance bands have been proven to last more than five times longer than the next leading competitor, and the Trusted Progression System® has proven to have consistent pull force.

What Clinic Supplies You Need for Your New PT Facility
October 23, 2023

What Clinic Supplies You Need for Your New PT Facility

Because physical therapy is such a multifaceted practice, you need a lot of different clinic supplies to make sure you’re able to treat each injury and ailment. In this article, we’re going to give you the rundown of the necessary supplies you need when opening a new PT clinic. Get your free clinic supplies checklist at the end!