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January 26, 2023

7 Best At-Home Physical Therapy Tools for Strength & Mobility

Following an injury, the road to recovery can be short, easy, long, or arduous. A lot depends on a person’s physical condition, age, and the nature of the injury. However, a good physical therapy regimen can do a person a lot of good.

It’s impossible to list every potential physical therapy tool, but some are more commonly used than others. Here are seven of the best at-home physical therapy tools recommended by Dawn Chambers, PT, DPT to share with your patients for rehabilitation.

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September 28, 2022

5 Post-Operative Exercises for Breast Surgery Patients

The amount of time required before your patients can exercise after breast surgery depends on a variety of factors. This includes the type of breast surgery performed and how carefully post-operative care instructions are followed. Share this guide for working out after breast surgery with your patients to help heal the pectoralis chest muscles and return to the activities they love!
man clutching leg in pain
July 14, 2022

How to Treat 5 Common Summer Injuries

As temperatures rise, people gravitate toward spending more time outdoors. While it is great to get Vitamin D, it can also cause an increased risk for injuries. Prepare for common summer injuries that might cause you to see new patients this summer.