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The Seven Best Tools to Help

with Vision Issues as You Age

As you age, it's natural that you may have vision problems. You're at a greater risk for macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, decreased vision, and dry eyes. But with the right tools, these issues (or just plain vision loss) do not need to affect your independence.

Vision loss can affect your daily life. These aids help you tell time, use the remote, & more. Conquer small tasks that have a big impact on your independence.

1For the Television:
A Bigger Remote

  • Larger buttons measure ¾ inch and are easier to both read and use
  • Wider and longer than average so it's harder to lose and easier to spot
  • Compatible with your television, DVD player, VCR player, cable box, and more
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2For Your Health:
A Talking Scale

  • Reads numbers aloud to help you avoid squinting down at the scale
  • Speaks in five languages
  • Weight capacity of 440 pounds
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3For Your Meds:
Talking One Month Pill Organizer

  • Features 31 compartments to organize your pills for a month
  • Each compartment has four areas for the different times of day you may need to take your pills
  • Set an alarm for the time of day you need to take your pills and it will either beep or say
    "Please take your pills"
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4For the Computer:
Hands Free Magnifier

  • Large 7 inch by 10 inch magnifier is attached to a base via a flexible arm you can move
  • Enlarges whatever you are viewing on the computer to roughly two times its original size
  • Use for a variety of activities, such as reading a computer screen or newspaper
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5For the Telephone:
A Braille Telephone

  • Large, raised numbers can be easily seen and felt as you type
  • Emergency numbers are clearly marked just in case you need them
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6For Your Schedule:
A Talking Watch

  • Just press the single button to hear the time in a clear, feminine voice
  • Classic and fashionable gold piece with a white face and black numbers
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7For Everything:
Lighted Magnifier

  • Excellent for reading, crafting, or any activity where you need magnification
  • Features a 2.5x power lens with 6x bifocal lens and optional light for greater visibility
  • Five inch long handle is easy to maneuver and grip
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