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Import Help


General Hints


  • Save the file in CSV format (Comma Separated Values, aka “comma delimited”)
  • You only need two columns – Item Number and Quantity
  • To preserve the leading zeros in item numbers beginning with “08”, format the Item Number column as text instead of number


Use Our Template as a Guide


  • Download the template and save it as a different name
  • Remember to save the file in CSV format
  • Copy and paste your selected products into the sheet

Advanced Help


  • Make sure to use UTF-8 encoding
  • Windows Only: Regional settings – make sure that your list separator is a comma
  • Windows Only: UTF-8 export – some Excel versions struggle with exporting UTF-8. If your upload fails, open it in the Notepad application and save it as a new CSV file encoded in UTF-8. You should see the “Encoding” option inside the Save As window


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