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The Best Products for
Recovery After a Knee Replacement

Knee replacement can disrupt your daily routine by decreasing your mobility. Keep your independence while recuperating by using these products that make it easier to resume your daily life after surgery.


Grab Bar

A grab bar is helpful for balance and support in the bathroom. Install a bar near your toilet or shower.


Raised Toilet Seat

A toilet seat can seem really low when you can't bend your knee. This riser makes sitting and standing easier.



Use this versatile reacher to pick up objects you dropped on the floor or grab items from high shelves.


Shoe Horn

Use a long shoe horn to put your shoes on easily without damaging the heels.


Tylastic Shoelaces

Stop bending over to tie your shoes, just slide into them instead. Elastic shoelaces are convenient and easy to use.


Sock Aid

Pull on your socks or stockings independently without bending your knee.


Dressing Stick

Getting dressed can be hard after a knee replacement. Use this product to pull up your pants or skirt.


Bath Brush

Make bathing easier with a long sponge brush! Great for those with limited mobility to help wash your feet and legs.


Shower Chair

Use this chair for comfort while showering if you are unable to stand for long periods of time after surgery.

Bonus: TheraPearl Knee Wrap

To relieve pain, try a Therapearl Knee Wrap. A comfortable strap keeps the pack in place, so you can move around without having to constantly re-adjust. After chilling in the freezer, the pack keeps its cool for the doctor-recommended time of 20 minutes.

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