Platinum Partner: ComfySplints

ComfySplints™ and its parent company Lenjoy Medical Engineering, Inc. pride themselves on creating soft, comfortable and practical medical products that help improve people’s lives.

Founded in 1994, ComfySplints™ is a woman-owned, small business that is run by an Occupational Therapist who, with over 30 years-experience, remains passionate about the rehabilitation potential that our product line offers. ComfySplints™ offers a full line of unique adult and pediatric pre-fabricated splints for the hand, knee, elbow and ankle/foot in both static and dynamic models.

The success of ComfySplints™ comes from the patented frame that can be adjusted and readjusted without fear of buckling. The traditional Comfy™ line comes with machine washable Terrycloth or Broadcloth covers that are removable, padded and ideal for long-term use. For a more slim-line, discrete version, the Comfyprene™ line offers the benefits of our patented spine that work for rehabilitation after sports injuries, removal of casts, sports medicine or for arthritic patient's support of the weakened extremity.

Manufactured and based in Gardena, California, ComfySplints™ also has an R&D staff of medical and engineering professionals that continually work on creating innovative products that improve clinical outcomes and increase an individual’s function and independence. Therapists, doctors, patients and nurses love ComfySplints™, and know to ask for the Comfy™ name when they need quality.