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Key Material Benefits

The Aquaplast family is the only Rolyan splinting family that has 100 percent memory. It also is the only family that turns transparent or translucent when heated. These two unique characteristics help the clinician form the perfect-fitting splint with the ability to revise the material when needed.

Aquaplast, unlike Aquaplast-T, has no protective coating and will bond to itself instantly without surface preparation.


Resistance to Stretch: Moderate

Controlled stretch and the ability to handle with moderate pressure. It will not stretch out of shape when removed from a splint bath.

Conformability: Moderate/Maximum

Conforms to surface contours and detail when minimum force is applied. Moderate degree of drape.

Memory: 100 Percent

When reheated, the material “remembers” its original shape and returns to it. Allows for repeated reheating and reshaping for splint revisions.

Bonding: Uncoated

Bonds permanently by pinching together heated surfaces.


Color: Beige

Thickness: Assorted

Available in the following sheet thicknesses: 1/8" (3.2 mm), 1/16" (1.6 mm) and 3/32" (2.4 mm).

Perforations : Assorted

Available in 13 percent, 19 percent or solid material.

Appearance: Translucent when heated

Indicates material is soft and ready to form

Hardened Splint

Rigidity: Moderate/Maximum (59.2 kpsi*)

Retains shape without reinforcement.

Surface: Smooth

No unwanted fingerprints and markings.


*Refers to Young’s Modulus testing value


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