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How to Improve Your Guitar Performance

Hand Exercisers

Musicians can suffer from sore joints and stiffness after powerful performances.

Whether you're an amateur looking to build strength or a professional trying to

improve your dexterity, these hand exercisers can reduce the chance of injury and

help you fret more quickly.

Each of these products is available in multiple resistance levels,

providing you with a greater challenge

as you increase hand, wrist, and finger strength.

Rolyan Ultigrip Finger Exerciser

This exerciser works each finger individually. It's great for weaker pinky and ring fingers to help them develop the strength needed to press down on the Wings. The exerciser also builds dexterity, which sets adequate guitar players apart from the greats.

TheraBand Hand Exerciser

A simple hand exerciser ball can make a huge difference. It strengthens muscles from your hand to your forearm. It also builds flexibility, which lets your fingers move nimbly across the fretboard.

TheraBand Hand Xtrainer

If you want to play for long periods of time, you need to get ahead of hand fatigue. Increase your endurance and improve your grip using this hand trainer to strengthen the fingers, hand, and wrist.