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Cramer Heavy Duty Ice Bags and Dispenser

Cramer Performance Preferred
$68.29 - $213.39
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  • High quality dispenser is made with 5/16 inch stainless steel
  • Durable, polyethylene bags hold ice without tearing or breakage
  • Removes the need for double bagging in athletic rooms and clinics
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High Quality Bags

Cramer Heavy Duty Ice Bags are a high quality bags created to aid in the icing process. The bags are made with a heavy duty plastic that is flexible yet durable, allowing the ice to move freely without tearing through. The bags are designed with strong seam lines so that water will not leak through and create a mess.

Icing Needs

Cramer Heavy Duty Ice Bags are for single-use icing needs. The flexible bags can be easy filled with ice and tied to create an immediate ice pack to treat sore muscles, injuries, pain, or swelling. They are offered in two sizes for a variety of surface area coverage.

Convenient Dispensing

The Ice Bag Dispenser is a convenient way to store Cramer Heavy Duty Ice Bags. The thin, metal frame is a simple to use design that holds both the large and small rolls of bags. It can be easily placed on a counter or mounted on a wall for easy access and quick dispensing.

Brand Cramer
Performance Preferred Yes
  • High quality dispenser is made with 5/16 inch stainless steel
  • Durable, polyethylene bags hold ice without tearing or breakage
  • Removes the need for double bagging in athletic rooms and clinics
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Providing Athletic Trainers the Best Solutions
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The power behind the performance is the athletic trainer, and Cramer partners with ATs worldwide to provide quality products and solutions. With more than a century of experience, Cramer ensures that athletic trainers have the tools to prepare their athletes for the game, protect them through play, and assist in recovery after the whistle blows. Cramer—The Power Behind the Performance

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Over a century ago, after successfully self-treating a track injury, brothers Chuck and Frank founded Cramer, the pioneering force in sports medicine solutions.
Today, as founding members and cornerstone sponsors of the NATA, Cramer stands united with athletic trainers worldwide, offering unrivaled sports medicine products.

Cramer - Over 100 Years of ExcellenceCramer - Over 100 Years of Excellence


Cramer, the Top Choice for Athletic Trainers & Athletes,
continues to lead with an authentic connection to sports medicine professionals, at every level of competition.

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We at Cramer are united in our mission to connect, engage and provide athletic trainers the best solutions for pre-activity preparation, on-field performance, and post-injury protection. We stand in support of athletic trainers.



At Cramer, we take pride in our team of experts that includes athletic trainers and distributors. Together, we understand the sports medicine industry and ensure that athletes stay in the game and excel.