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How to Manage
Lymphedema After Cancer

Diuretics are often used to reduce common fluid build-up.
However, you can't use diuretics to manage lymphedema
because it is caused by lymph fluid build-up and not water.
This is where compression can help instead.

Here are some of the best compression solutions to manage your lymphedema swelling:

Light Compression:
tg grip II Elasticated
Tubular Support Bandage

This elastic tube bandage comes in a variety of sizes and can be cut to the correct length. The even compression can help manage minor lymphedema swelling during the maintenance phase or as the first layer of skin protection during the multi-layer application.

Strong Compression:
Rosidal K Short Stretch Bandages

If you need stronger compression, try Rosidal K Short Stretch bandages. You can wear them during the day and at night, wash, and reuse. Wrap in several layers to achieve your desired amount of pressure.

Adjustable Compression:

ReadyWrap offers adjustable compression for acute, transition, and maintenance phases of lymphedema management. It's faster to put on than bandages and can be hand washed and reused. The overlapping straps prevent gapping and help keep pressure distributed evenly.