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• Please expect a 7-10 business day turnaround on these requests. 

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Attention:  If you have a high-priority audit request, please include "AUDIT" in the short description of your request. Thank you.

Use this form if:
  • Something is "buggy" or not working correctly on the site
  • Content on a site page needs to change, including images, text, or videos
NOTE: Products within change requests must already exist on the website (not just in NetSuite), or they should be requested as a "New Product"

Use this form if:
  • You need to add brand new products to the site(s)
  • Products exist in NetSuite but not in Magento/on the website(s)
NOTE: In NetSuite, each product should have "Display in Webstore" checked, and the site(s) should be selected before this request can be initiated by the ECommerce Team

Use this form if:
  • You are seeing less-than-optimal results when you use one of the site's onsite search field
  • You have suggestions for optimizing a frequently used onsite search term/keyword
NOTE: Onsite search is now personalized (1-for-1), so there may be different results per person that can't be replicated, but we will do our best to resolve in a way that's best for the business

Use this form if:
  • You have suggestions for content to add to our website's Support Center
  • This can include product, brand, or site information that would be helpful for our customer base
NOTE: Our Support Center exists on (US site) only for now, but the information gained could be utilized across sites in the future.

Additional Information

Turnaround Time?

There should be an expected 7-10 business day turnaround on these requests.

Keep in Mind...

These forms are used for internal PH employees to submit changes and projects to the ECommerce team for basic web updates.

Happens Next?

After filling out each form, the information gets populated to Ecommerce, reviewed/assigned, etc. You will receive email confirmation from SmartSheets (or for NPIs) once request has been received

Issues? Need
Some Guidance?

If you need any help or guidance filling out the forms, please reach out to Kristen Johnson or Nick Trivisonno

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Go to the Creative Services Request page for emails, posters, landing pages, and more...