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Lacura Round Bottom Wedge Knee Abductor

$134.22 - $177.14
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  • Abductor wedge cushion
  • High-density foam
  • 4” knee abductor
  • Antimicrobial stretch cover
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Versatile Solution

Perfect for individuals in need of both the supportive features of an abductor cushion and the positioning benefits of a wedge cushion, this product offers a versatile solution. Crafted from firm, high-density foam, it ensures a stable and supportive seating surface for enhanced comfort and proper alignment.

Customized and Secure Fitting

The Lacura Round Bottom Wedge Knee Abductor features a radius bottom design, incorporating a 4" knee abductor along with an antimicrobial polyurethane stretch cover for enhanced hygiene and comfort. Equipped with straps featuring buckles, this knee abductor offers customizable and secure fitting, ensuring stability during use. Whether utilized for positioning, support, or therapeutic purposes, this wedge knee abductor provides versatile assistance for individuals seeking relief from knee-related discomfort or seeking to maintain proper alignment during rest or recovery.

A Gel Foam Option

With the Gel Foam option, this cushion offers an extra layer of comfort and relief through its 4-chamber gel pack. This innovative feature enhances pressure distribution, ensuring greater comfort during prolonged sitting sessions. Whether for therapeutic use or everyday comfort, the Gel Foam option provides an ideal solution for individuals seeking superior support and relief.

Brand Lacura
  • Abductor wedge cushion
  • High-density foam
  • 4” knee abductor
  • Antimicrobial stretch cover
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