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Online Sales Policy

The policy is provided to inform our customers and distribution partners of our position on the resale of our products through online marketplaces like Amazon and Please note that Performance Health is the only authorized seller of its proprietary brands in online marketplaces and the only approved seller on Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Performance Health expends great effort and resource in preserving the reputation of our products as high quality and high value. From the warranty and service backing each product to our investment in the intellectual property rights for each product, Performance Health closely controls the products with which we are most identified in the market.

Accordingly, Performance Health vigorously polices online marketplaces to identify unauthorized sales. When unauthorized resellers are identified, we move quickly to work with the reseller to remove the offending listings in a fair but expedient fashion. This is required to preserve our reputation, the reputation of our products and the value proposition made available to you when partnering with us to purchase or distribute those products in authorized channels.

Thank you for entrusting us with your business. Through enacting this policy we reward that trust by ensuring that our products retain the value and reputation you have come to expect from Performance Health.