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Ordering Just Got Easier
Performance Health has PunchOut capabilities that connect to your e-procurement system!

Our new PunchOut capabilities are designed to save you time.
You can now browse and order from our website within your own e-procurement system.

Ordering through PunchOut e-procurement is
as easy as 1-2-3.

Use your facility portal to access our website, then shop for your products, and view them in your cart.

Select ‘Transfer Cart’ on our website, which will bring you back to your e-procurement application to generate the order.

Orders can be sent by EDI, email, or fax. Use self-service order tracking to determine when your shipment will arrive.

Add Performance Health to Your PunchOut E-Procurement System.
It's quick, just fill out this form to get started!

Why Should You Add Performance Health
to Your PunchOut E-Procurement System?

Better Supply Chain Management 


  • Utilize our enhanced Purchase Order Assignment process
  • No need to enter “special” items into your Materials Management Information System (MMIS)
  • Create “Supply Lists” to standardize products you often order

Seamless Ordering


  • Access through your facility portal
  • View real-time stock status of products and substitute options for items on backorder

Performance Health Support

  • Help from our team to coordinate fast and easy integration
  • We assist with launching PunchOut on your MMIS Platforms, as we have experience with multiple software platforms
  • Real-time help from a real customer service agent with Live Chat