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Hot and Cold Therapy

This ice pack offers fast pain relief. It stays cold for up to 20 minutes of soothing chill. Small beads mean the pack is flexible and can conform to your hand. Numb your hand pain for immediate relief.

gLove Treat with
Parasilk Paraffin Products

Submerge your hand in moist heat using gloves or mittens containing paraffin wax. The heat can improve your range of motion and relieve joint stiffness, strains, and other hand problems. They heat in the microwave in less than three minutes, so you can start at home treatment right away.

Hand Xtrainer

Depending on the cause of your hand pain, exercise could offer long-term improvement. This hand exerciser can be used for a variety of pinching, pulling, and stretching exercises. Start with an All Finger Extension Abduction Exercise to strengthen your hand.

The constant use of your hands during surgery can cause pain.

Check out these 3 solutions for pain relief & strengthening so you can focus on your patients.

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