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THERABAND Professional Resistance Tubing with Handles - 10 Pack

Performance Preferred
$156.85 - $199.08
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  • Builds upper and lower body strength and increases flexibility
  • 7 color-coded progression levels for effective workouts
  • Constructed of professional-grade materials that contain latex
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Professional Resistance Tubing with Handles

THERABAND Resistance Bands with Handles is perfect for upper and lower body exercises, conditioning, rehabilitation, and fitness purposes. These exercise bands with handles provide an easy-to-use alternative to free weights and dumbbells that can be used in a variety of environments. This tubing is convenient and portable product made to be used in the clinic, at home, or on the go. This resistance tubing makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easier than ever before and includes the added convenience of attached handles for a ready-to-use solution.

Resistance Exercises

The portable design of our THERABAND resistance tubes allows users to do quick resistance exercises virtually anywhere. These bands are designed to be used for lower-body, back, chest, shoulder, arm, and core exercises. Whether it’s for a quick 30-minute resistance-based exercise or for an athlete incorporating a new band into a current workout routine, this product is easy to use and a must-have. Choose between a variety of THERABAND tubing resistance options and build strength by moving up the resistance levels.

Professional Quality and Design

The use of resistance tubing has never been made easier. The design of this product features two large handles that are effortless to hold or slip over feet and ankles for lower body exercises. The tubing itself varies in thickness based on resistance level, but is made to withstand long and intense workouts. THERABAND Resistance Tubing with handles is sold in packs of 10 making it perfect for the clinic or training center.

Performance Preferred Yes
  • Builds upper and lower body strength and increases flexibility
  • 7 color-coded progression levels for effective workouts
  • Constructed of professional-grade materials that contain latex
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THERABAND® Professional Latex Resistance Tubing

100% consistent pull force engineered by the global leader in resistance bands

Seven progressive, color-coded resistance levels including convenient solutions with attached handles

Latex resistance tubing that has been tested and
validated for superior patient safety and recovery

Premium latex construction for quality and durability
Natural properties of latex combine excellent strength with familiar stretch response and tactile feel

Transformational results for patients
Latex tubes maintain elongation properties and 100% consistent pull force over repeated use

Proven Science
Clinically proven concept of increased resistance built into the THERABAND Trusted Progression™ System, with seven engineered progression levels ranging from Extra Thin to Super Heavy

Clinical leader
Flexible resistance tubes created by clinicians, for clinicians, with choice of accessories and handles

Advance patient care with confidence
Users strengthen muscles, increase range of motion and improve flexibility with this simple and convenient therapy product