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Veterans Helping Veterans
Questions & Answers

Performance Health Veteran Kevin Bane

Kevin Speaks About How He and Performance Health Help Veterans

Q: What was your position in the military?
A: US Navy Deep Sea Diver

Q: What comes to mind when thinking of the veterans you serve?
A: In the military; no matter how or when you served, there is a mindset that is unique to those who will volunteer to protect our freedoms and liberty. What comes to mind for me is that our Vets deserve the help and respect to recover comfortably. It emphasizes the importance of keeping our Vets healthy; both physically and mental

Q: How do you personally feel you get to help veterans?
A: Working for Performance Health gives me the opportunity to help other veterans that I would not otherwise meet. The times I can consult or solve issues to get our Vets the products they need gives me a direct connection with our Vets.

Q: What does serving veterans mean to you?
A: It means giving back to those who mentored or influenced me in my decision to join the military. Diving in the Navy; you never leave your Buddy, and when I help our Vets, it keeps me connected and grateful.

Q: What is a moment when you realized your work at Performance Health directly helped serve a veteran?
A: I love talking to our Vets. It’s a family recalling stories. Some harder to tell, others highly amusing, others relatable; but all common in most respects. I had some products stuck in a warehouse in my area that were destined to a remote location, and no one was able to deliverthem. I picked them up and drove four hours and thought I was just dropping them off. I stayed and talked to a B-24 crew member from WWll and his wife. I didn’t think of leaving and soon I realized we talked for three hours. Then headed home. The items were greatly appreciated and very much needed