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Veterans Helping Veterans
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Performance Health Veteran Kevin Flowers

Kevin Explains How His Role at Performance Health Supports Veterans

Q: What was your position in the military?
A: I was a Medical Lab Technician.

Q: What does serving veterans mean to you?
A: It means everything to me. I volunteer at a local VFW serving dinners to those who served in WWII and Vietnam and the Korean war. It is an honor, to serve these men, it's one of the most rewarding things I have done. It's humbling and an absolute honor.

Q: What comes to mind when thinking of the veterans you serve?
A: Honorable men and women, who love their country. You hear the word patriot tossed around a lot. These men and women personify the word. That’s what a patriot is. They would serve and die for their country.

Q: How do you personally feel your role helps veterans?
A: Having a job that directly impacts veterans and their quality of life is a dream job. I love having products that make their lives easier. The Direct to Vets program is the thing I am most proud of working for at Performance Health. As the Category Manager, I am always on the lookout for products that would help Vets.

Q: What is the moment when you realized your work at Performance Health directly helped a veteran?
A: Almost immediately in my tenure when I was asked to source products for the VA. In my previous capacity, I would find suppliers to produce the goods that we sold. In my current capacity, I have a more direct ability to help serve veterans because I am responsible for the portfolio and the products we sell. I hold this duty with pride to make sure we provide products that have a positive impact on the lives of our country’s veterans.