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Veterans Helping Veterans
Questions & Answers

Performance Health Veteran Kurt Schlote

Kurt Speaks About How He and Performance Health Help Veterans

Q: What was your position in the military?
A: U.S.A.F. Crew Chief

Q: What comes to mind when thinking of the veterans we serve?
A: The Veterans we serve deserve the best care possible. The VA system along with Performance Health provide the care and products needed to get the mission accomplished together.

Q: What does serving veterans mean to you?
A: Serving other Veterans is personal to me. Taking care of the Men and Women that served in all branches of our military is a commitment our country made with the VA Health System.

Q: How do you personally feel you get to help veterans?
A: It is an honor and a priority to help other Veterans get the products they need. Veterans are a fraternity, no matter what branch or rank, we all served and have an unbreakable bond with each other.

Q: What is a moment when you realized your work at Performance Health directly helped serve a veteran?
A: I was visiting a VA and happen to see our products being used on a Veteran. It hits home how we directly impact the care and lives of our Veterans on a daily basis. Performance Health plays an important and vital role in supplying the VA with the products needed to help our Veterans get the best care possible.