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Interactive Therapy allows patients to receive visual and audible feedback leading to enhanced patient engagement during swallowing exercises.

VitalStim® Plus

VitalStim® Plus - Activate the Power to Swallow


What Is It?
Dysphagia is defined as any type of difficulty swallowing.
This often means it takes more time and effort to swallow, and often is associated with pain.

Who Has It?
• Over 15 million adults in the US
• 50-75% of patients with neurological conditions
• 60-75% of residents in skilled nursing facilities & nursing homes

• Malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration
• Aspiration pneumonia and upper respiratory infections

• Over 1 million new cases are diagnosed annually
• 60,000 Americans die from swallowing complications annually
• Half of all Americans 60 and older will experience some form of dysphagia
• 1 in 17 people will develop some form of dysphagia in their lifetime

...with the power of VitalStim Plus

• 98% of patients using VitalStim see measurable improvement
• 97.5% of patients using VitalStim had swallowing function improve past the point of requiring a feeding tube

• Neuromuscular electrical simulation helps recruit and re-educate muscles
• Patients partner in an interactive therapy

• sEMG biofeedback helps increase effort and duration of swallowing attempts to improve coordination
• Screen Mirroring technology allows for pre-set or customized targeted exercises
• Live treatment progress is projected onto computer or tablet
• Visual and audio feedback leads to enhanced patient engagement
• Treatment progression is now quantifiable with objective outcomes

VitalStim® Plus

Electrotherapy and sEMG Biofeedback System

Bluetooth Technology

Project live treatment progress onto a computer or tablet screen. The Screen Mirroring technology allows clinicians to guide patients through personalized, targeted swallowing exercises that increases patient intensity and duration.

Education Videos

A complete education tool at your finger tips. VitalStim Plus includes videos that help demonstrate key therapeutic exercises, such as the Masako Exercise, the Mendelsohn Maneuver, the Supraglottic Maneuver, and various Electrode Placements Options.

Anatomical Library

VitalStim Plus includes a Dysphagia image library of Anatomy, Pathology and Therapeutic Treatment options to assist in educating your patient.

The Taste of Independence

VitalStim Plus neuromuscular electrical stimulation helps recruit and re-educate muscles in the process of swallowing. Under the guidance of a clinician, patients partner in an interactive therapy that aids muscle strengthening to rehabilitate swallowing.

VitalStim Treatment

The VitalStim waveform is delivered in Co-Contraction Mode. Up to four separate channels deliver stimulation concurrently and pause at the same time.

VMS Treatment

Customize your treatment protocol by adjusting the parameters of your choice, such as Phase Duration, Frequency, and Work/Rest Time. VMS treatment offers more flexibility by allowing you to sequence the stimulation in the various channels to more closely match the natural swallowing sequence.

Patient Data

Treatment data on stimulation and sEMG can be stored, displayed or exported to a PC to track patient progress and generate reports.

sEMG Treatment

Electrical signals in the muscle are measured and displayed on a screen and are amplified into sounds that the patient can hear. This feedback increases patient effort and participation, and provides the data and documentation required to measure patient outcomes and quantify progress.

sEMG + Triggered Stim

The patient initiates the swallowing exercise with the assistance of sEMG biofeedback. When the set threshold is reached, VitalStim Plus will switch to stimulation mode to increase the effort and exercise load.

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VitalStim® Plus

Instructional Videos

VMS Mode
sEMG Biofeedback
Channels & Remote

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