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Woodcast Splints

$395.00 - $880.00
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  • A clean blend of wood and biodegradable polymer, fully biodegradable
  • No isocyanates, latex, or phthalates
  • No bounce-back effect and remoldable
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Eco-friendly Casting Methods

Woodcast splinting offers a unique and eco-friendly alternative to traditional casting methods. Unlike plaster, fiberglass, and plastic casts, Woodcast stands out for its exceptional safety profile. This innovative splinting material contains no toxins, irritants, or dust, making it an ideal choice for both patients and healthcare professionals. With Woodcast, you can experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your immobilization and support needs are met without the potential risks associated with other materials. This sustainable and biodegradable option not only prioritizes patient comfort but also underscores a commitment to environmental responsibility, making it a promising choice for modern orthopedic care.

Remains Pliable for Two Minutes

Woodcast splinting stands out for its remarkable versatility in providing personalized and precise immobilization solutions. One of its key attributes is its unique moldability, remaining pliable for a generous two-minute window upon activation. This distinct feature ensures that healthcare professionals have ample time to shape and conform the splint to the patient's specific anatomy, achieving optimal fit and support. What truly sets Woodcast apart is its reusability, as it can always be reheated and reshaped as needed, allowing for continuous adjustments to ensure the perfect fit throughout the healing process. This adaptability and ease of modification make Woodcast an invaluable tool in the arsenal of orthopedic practitioners, enhancing patient comfort and therapeutic outcomes.

Unparalleled Convenience in the Medical Setting

Woodcast splinting offers unparalleled convenience in the medical setting, as it requires minimal infrastructure and resources for its application. Unlike traditional casting materials that often necessitate access to faucets, sinks, or special ventilation systems, Woodcast operates seamlessly wherever there is electricity. This eliminates the need for elaborate setup procedures, making it a versatile solution in various healthcare environments. This accessibility factor not only simplifies the casting process but also enhances healthcare professionals' efficiency and flexibility in delivering orthopedic treatment.

Brand Dassiet
  • A clean blend of wood and biodegradable polymer, fully biodegradable
  • No isocyanates, latex, or phthalates
  • No bounce-back effect and remoldable
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