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Restorative Care of America

Restorative Care of America, Incorporated is dedicated to the manufacture of superior quality orthopedic and rehabilitative orthoses used in the treatment of conditions associated with traumatic injuries, chronic disease, post surgical procedures, and immobility, such as joint contractures and pressure sores.

rcai's and rcai4kids
rcai's and rcai4kids prefabricated products are developed under the guidance of certified orthotists and hand-crafted in St. Petersburg, Florida, using processes and materials that ensure they will last.

Set the Industry Standard
home to the original Multi Podus® System. After more than 35 years in the marketplace the Multi Podus® System continues to set the industry standard for the prevention and correction of plantar flexion contractures, hip rotation, and heel pressure sores.

CE Mark Certification & ISO 9001 Registered
rcai has obtained CE Mark Certification and is ISO 9001 Registered for the design and manufacture of quality orthotic products in the European community.

Popular Restorative Care of America Products

Multi Podus
Active 2000 System

The Original
Mutli Podus System

Resting Hand
with Finger Separators

Neutral Thumb
Resting Hand Splint


Deluxe Wrist
Drop Orthosis