Holiday Travel Hotel Exercises

Holiday Travel Hotel Exercises

Holiday Travel Hotel Exercises

Key Takeaways

  • While traveling during the holidays can be stressful, there are several tips that you can follow to decrease stress throughout your journey
  • Research shows that regular exercise improves your mental health, reduces your risk of disease, and helps you control your weight
  • Working out consistently is important for achieving results. If you want to stay on track while traveling, creating a workout plan beforehand is key!
  • This article discusses ways that you can stick to your workout routine while traveling, and exercises that are easy to perform while on the go!

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Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays has always been stressful given the sheer volume of travelers. The airports and roadways are more crowded than ever, and it often takes longer to get to your destination because of delays. The COVID-19 pandemic has made travel even more complex. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take prior to your journey to help reduce stress and keep you and your family sane.1

Prepare in Advance

As you plan your trip during the holiday season, acknowledge that traveling will be more chaotic than usual. You may be pleasantly surprised and not encounter delays while checking in bags and getting through security. If you do encounter a delay, try to use that time to do something productive, such as responding to your emails or planning fun activities to do when you arrive at your destination.

Check Alternate Routes

You may be able to avoid delays by checking alternative routes before booking your trip. If you are traveling by air, check to see if you can find a direct flight instead of one with connections. For those who are driving to their destination, save several routes in your GPS in case you encounter a traffic jam.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

While sometimes unavoidable, it is best to avoid peak travel days. When searching for flights, select flexible dates whenever possible to find the best price available. In general, there are fewer people on early and late flights. If you are driving, avoid traveling during rush hour or the weekends.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

To ensure that you reach your destination on time, give yourself plenty of time when traveling. Arrive at the airport several hours before departure when flying to avoid missing the flight if the lines are long. If you are driving, add extra time to your ETA to factor in rest stops and gas refuels.

The Importance of Sticking to Your Workout Routine

A structured workout routine is vital if you want to successfully accomplish your fitness goals. Creating a workout plan, especially while traveling, will help you to achieve greater consistency. Below are five reasons why it is important to stick to your routine if you are looking to achieve the best results.2

1. Helps Prevent Under or Over Training

One of the key reasons athletes create a workout plan is to reduce the risk of under or over training. If you piece together different workouts without a plan, you are more likely to over or under work your muscles. Creating a routine before starting a workout increases your overall productivity.

2. Ensures Structure

A workout plan provides you with structure so that you aren’t wondering what to do or reverting to the same old exercises. An effective plan should tell you what exercises to do, as well as how many repetitions and sets.

3. Creates Attainable Goals

It is important to set attainable goals to stay motivated. A workout plan with a set number of weeks or months provides you with an automatic goal!

4. Provides a Checklist

If you enjoy checking tasks off your list each day, a structured workout plan is a great way for you to stay motivated!

5. Reduces Burnout

A well-structured workout plan prevents burnout by switching up your routine every few weeks. Each workout should be slightly different to target new muscle groups and maintain motivation.

Check out this article for additional ways to stick to your workout routine while traveling!

Travel-Friendly Exercises

It is easy to fall out of your workout routine when you are on the go. While you may not have access to weights or other cardio equipment found in a gym, you can still practice bodyweight exercises in your hotel room! Performance Health offers a variety of compact equipment that is ideal for travel. Check out the five exercises demonstrated below to stay on track while you are traveling this holiday season!

1. Oblique Plank

  • Begin by placing the center loops of the CLX band around both thighs
  • Place the end loops in each hand
  • Get into a side plank position and extend your arm overhead
  • Bring the left knee in to meet the left arm, pause, then extend it straight back out
  • Repeat this motion for thirty seconds before switching to the right side

Tip: If you would like a more comfortable surface to exercise on, try our compact CanDo Yoga Mat, ideal for travel!


2. Tricep Extension

  • Using the CLX band, place your feet in the two center loops and your hands in the two end loops
  • Lower into a squat position with your arms bent, elbows back, and hands at chest height
  • Extend the left arm straight back, then return to the starting position
  • Continue with the left arm for thirty seconds, and then switch sides

Looking for additional muscle and joint support without immobilizing or limiting your range of motion? Try TheraBand Kinesiology Tape during your workout!


3. Lateral Straight Leg Raise

  • Place your feet in the two center loops, and your hands in the two end loops
  • You can grip the CLX band, or use an open-handed grip with the loop around the thumb
  • Starting with your arms overhead, balance on the left leg keeping your core tight
  • Bring the right leg up and right arm down, then return to center
  • Repeat for thirty seconds while squeezing your core, switch sides

4. Chest Fly

  • Put both hands in the loops, separated by two loops. If you need to make it easier or harder, add a loop or move down one
  • Wrap the CLX band around the back at chest height, and grab the excess band in your hands
  • In a lightly staggered stance with your knees slightly bent, extend your arms out then bring your hands to the center
  • Go back out, then repeat. Make sure to squeeze your chest at the center. Repeat for 30 seconds

5. Squat

  • Place your feet in the two center loops, and your hands in the two end loops
  • You can grip the CLX band, or use an open-handed grip with the loop around the thumb. If you need to make it easier or harder, add a loop or move down one
  • With your feet shoulder width apart, place your hands at chest height with your shoulders back and bent at 90 degrees
  • Lower down into a squat, and then slowly come back up while keeping your knees slightly bent. Make sure to sit back into your heels with a neutral spine
  • Repeat for 30 seconds

Tip: If you would like an additional challenge while performing the squat exercise, use a TheraBand Professional Resistance Band Loop around your ankles or calves!

For relief from sore muscles and joints following your workout, try a TheraBand Pro Foam Roller!


An exercise routine has both physical and mental health benefits. A routine workout schedule can help improve memory and brain health, assist with weight management, reduce the risk of disease, and strengthen muscles and bones. It also helps to provide a sense of stability. During the holidays, it can be especially difficult to keep up with your workout routine, especially when traveling. Fortunately, there are ways that you can stay on track even while on the go. Bodyweight workouts are a great way to workout with limited space and equipment, such as in a hotel room. At Performance Health, we supply a variety of useful, compact exercise products that can be packed into your luggage this holiday season!


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