10 Products Every Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic Needs

10 Products Every Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic Needs

10 Products Every Pediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic Needs

Key Takeaways

  • Many different types of equipment are used in pediatric occupational therapy to increase strength, gross motor skills, and independence in children
  • Products like balance beams, vestibular swings, and rocker boards focus on improving strength, coordination, and balance
  • Other tools such as building blocks, ball pits, or crawl tunnels help children develop sensory motor skills to function in their home, school, play, and more
  • Learn more about how you can improve your clinic with these 10 pediatric occupational therapy products!

Top Products in This Article

Pediatric occupational therapy uses a variety of equipment to make therapy both fun and functional. The goal is to have young patients engaged from start to finish. Incorporate play into their sessions and use tools like building blocks, swings, tumbling mats, and even obstacle courses using balance balls or crawling tunnels.

Here are 10 fun therapy tools to add to your clinic!

1. Balance Beam

Blue six-foot reversible balance beam by Tumble Forms 2

Balance beams are designed to facilitate safe balance training and rehabilitation activities. It can be positioned to have the child walk on the narrow side (ideal for experienced users) to create a challenge or the wider side (ideal for beginners) making it easier to balance. The balance beam can also help strengthen muscles in the core, legs, and feet as the child steps or lunges across.

2. Vestibular Swing

Child in pediatric vestibular swing with assistance from physiotherapist

This pediatric swing can accommodate a variety of therapy modalities, including sensory integration, vestibular, and neurodevelopmental. The Tumble Forms swing allows a 360-degree vertical rotation capability, enabling smooth and unrestricted range of movement. The versatile design provides all the benefits of a ceiling suspension system without the installation costs and lack of portability.

3. Therapy Rolls

Therapy rolls in variety of sizes and in two different colors: red and blue.

Looking for a fun way to encourage rolling and rocking movements for vestibular stimulation? These foam therapy rolls retain their shape once the pressure is released, even after long sessions of usage. The antimicrobial outer layer reduces the spread of germs and can easily be sanitized and cleaned between patients. Choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes!

4. Floor Mat

Child laying down on rainbow colored folding foam floor mat

Improve safety during occupational and physical therapy with floor mats! The folding mat provides cushioning underneath a swing frame, tumble barrel, climbing system, or other pediatric gross motor therapy equipment. To help reduce soft tissue injuries, choose a floor mat made of shock-absorbent, high density polyethylene foam.

5. Building Blocks

Child stacking green block on top of tower of colorful Edu-Blocks in variety of shapes

These colorful building blocks can be used to help develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as the child works this out, their building and block play will become more and more complex.

6. Crawl Tunnel

Two young children inside blue and red crawl tunnel, peeking out from both ends of the tunnel

This crawling tunnelprovides sensory stimulation for body awareness development. The versatile design used anywhere, the tunnel is lightweight and easy to fold down flat for convenient storage and portability.

7. Tumble Barrel

Physiotherapist holding onto colorful tumble barrel with happy, young child inside

The tumble barrel helps develop balance, coordination, and spatial orientation. Children can climb, tumble, or crawl in and around the indoor or outdoor play equipment. Providing hours of fun, the barrel encourages exercise of the large muscle groups.

8. Rocker Board

Physiotherapist holding onto happy child's hand to support the child while they balance on a blue rocker board

Balance boards are awesome tools for challenging the vestibular system, proprioception and even core strength and stability. The lightweight rocker board includes recessed ends to protect the child's hands from being accidentally pinched during the rocking motion.

9. Ball Pool

Child sitting in blue ball pit, joyfully tossing colorful balls into the air

Designed to provide full-body tactile input for a child during sensory integration and processing disorder therapy. Playing in a ball pool allows children to strengthen their muscles. Throwing and rolling the balls can also help improve fine motor development. As children move through the brightly colored balls, it provides them with an experience that feels calming.

10. Balance Balls

Three different colored balance balls, shown largest to smallest from left to right

These balance balls are ideal for developing vestibular response, balance, and exercise. The smaller ball is designed for kicking around, rolling, throwing, and pushing. The largest ball has a rigid core to prevent it from bottoming out when performing balancing exercises.

If you’re a parent or caregiver working with a special needs child at home, here are 11 more products for you to check out.

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