5 Exercises to Reduce Golfer's Elbow Pain

5 Exercises to Reduce Golfer's Elbow Pain

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If you have inner elbow pain, you might have golfer’s elbow. It doesn’t just affect golfers. Use these exercises for long-term improvement and pain relief.

Looking for answers to the most common questions about golfer’s elbow? Learn the causes, symptoms, and more.

A Research Proven Exercise

Research shows that the Reverse Tyler Twist exercise improves golfer’s elbow, even when other treatments have failed. It’s an eccentric wrist flexor exercise that’s easy to add to your physical therapy routine.

1. TheraBand FlexBar Reverse Tyler Twist for Golfer’s Elbow

Check out this video to learn how to do the Reverse Tyler Twist using your FlexBar.

Resistance Band Exercises

Elastic resistance band exercises are great because the bands are economical and more portable than traditional dumbbell weights. Exercise two and three both work your elbow and wrist muscles to keep them strong and balanced.

2. TheraBand Wrist Flexion
TheraBand Wrist Flexion
  1. Sit in a chair and step on the ends of your TheraBand resistance band with both feet
  2. Hold the middle of the loop in your right hand with your palm up
  3. Brace your right forearm on your thigh for support
  4. Bend your wrist upward
  5. Hold and slowly return
  6. Repeat

Switch to your left arm

3. TheraBand Wrist Extension
  1. In the same position as exercise two, sit in a chair with the ends of the resistance band under both feet
  2. Grasp the created loop with your right hand, the palm facing down
  3. Stabilize your right forearm on your thigh
  4. Slowly bend your wrist upward, hold, and return
  5. Repeat
  6. Switch to the other side

TIP: Focus on bending your wrist and not your elbow during this exercise.

TheraBand Wrist Extension

No Equipment Needed Exercises

The last two exercises don’t require any special tools. You can do them with a dumbbell you might already have or even a water bottle.

4. Wrist Curls
  1. Place your forearm on the edge of the table with your hand hanging over the edge
  2. Hold a 1-2 pound weight (dumbbell, water bottle, etc.) palm up
  3. Slowly bend your wrist up and down, raising and lowering the weight
  4. Switch arms and repeat

TIP: Keep your forearm flat on the table. Let your wrist do the work.

5. Resisted Forearm Supination and Pronation
  1. Rest your forearm on your thigh or a table top, with your hand hanging off the edge
  2. Hold a 1-2 pound weight in your hand with your palm up
  3. Slowly turn your palm down and then back up
  4. Repeat
  5. Switch to the opposite side

TIP: Rotate your forearm not your elbow.

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