Accessories to Enhance Your Patient’s SPINEFITTER Experience

Accessories to Enhance Your Patient’s SPINEFITTER Experience

Accessories to Enhance Your Patient’s SPINEFITTER Experience

The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an amazing new product that can be used in a variety of exercises, and it has been proven to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. Its versatility doesn’t end there: the SPINEFITTER can be combined with a selection of accessories to further enhance your patient’s experience with this incredible new product.

Key Takeaways

  • The SPINEFITTER is a brand-new resource to help your patients with neck, shoulder, and back discomfort

  • For users over 5' 10", add on the SPINEFITTER Extension Kit, which includes the SPINEFITTER Mini for additional uses

  • The Linum and Linum Pro provide the added benefit of hot and cold therapy

  • The Trigger Tool will further aid with easing tension and muscle pain by targeting trigger points

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What is the SPINEFITTER?

The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® is an innovative new product designed to ease tension, enhance mobility, and promote muscle strength in the shoulder-neck area and along the spine.

Designed to balance the energy and nervous systems, the 28 interconnected balls of the SPINEFITTER decrease blockages and promote mobility by targeting the tissue surrounding the spine. This intuitive tool releases new stimuli to the spine by supporting joint positions and challenging balance and proprioceptive awareness.

The SPINEFITTER is an effective tool in physical therapy and rehabilitation and would be an asset to enhance personal workouts and performance as well.


While the SPINEFITTER is a fantastic product all on its own, it has a selection of accessories that will enhance your patient’s experience. Discover how you can get even more out of your SPINEFITTER by exploring the Extension Kit, Linum and Linum Pro, and the Trigger Tool.

Extension Kit

The Extension Kit includes the SPINEFITTER Mini and a connector to extend your SPINEFITTER. This enhancement is recommended for users 5’11” (180cm) and taller. The simple click system ensures correct alignment.

The SPINEFITTER Mini can be used independently and is perfect for traveling, to use in the office, and to use on individual areas of the body. Compared to the SPINEFITTER, the Mini is primarily suitable for segmental spinal mobilization and for fascia release of individual areas Use your Mini to target specific areas along the spine, either by laying down on it, or by leaning against it while seated. Place a knee or your foot on the Mini to target tightness and improve your balance.


This SPINEFITTER cover is made with natural linseed filling and can be used for heat and cold therapy. Used in conjunction with your SPINEFITTER, the Linum is perfect for relaxation, loosening up before or after training, or to relieve pressure and tension on the paravertebral muscles. It can be warmed using your oven or microwave, and chilled by being placed in a freezer or refrigerator. The hook and look fasteners enable simple insertion of the SPINEFITTER, and it can even be used with the Extension Kit as well.

The Linum is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for at-home use.

Linum Pro

The Linum Pro can be used just like the Linum but with the added benefit of a wipeable and disinfect-able surface. This version is specifically developed for spaces where multiple users will have access to the SPINEFITTER, like physical therapy clinics, chiropractic offices, acute care hospitals, and fitness studios.

Trigger Tool

Aptly named, the Trigger Tool enhances your use of the SPINEFITTER by allowing you to target trigger points along the spine. This accessory can be placed anywhere along your SPINEFITTER, and it is made from the same non-porous integral foam; it is the optimal degree of hardness to loosen pain points, hardenings, and tensions along the spine.

View the follwoing video to learn how to use the trigger tool:


The SPINEFITTER is a new and innovative product, designed to help you strengthen your spine and increase your mobility. These effects can be enhanced by its accessories; their versatility allows you to be creative with your workout and enables you to get back in balance. Be sure to purchase your SPINEFITTER and accessories today!



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