The Top 7 Exercises for Baseball Players

The Top 7 Exercises for Baseball Players

The Top 7 Exercises for Baseball Players

Do you want to improve your throwing and batting skills? These exercises work your whole body to increase your strength, power, and rotation. Whether you want to improve your throwing as a baseman or outfielder, or get better at batting, these exercises can help!

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Become the best baseball player you can be with this exercise regimen!

All you need is: A TheraBand CLX resistance band and a CLX door anchor

Theraband CLX Resistance Band CLX Door Anchor

1. Start by warming up your shoulder with this CLX baseball warmup.

  1. Wrap the CLX band around just above your left knee and thread the band through one loop to secure it in place
  2. Wrap the band upon itself twice then hold it in your right hand
  3. Keep your right arm at 45 degrees with your elbow bent
  4. Raise your right arm upward and be sure to keep your left knee from turning inward
  5. For added difficulty, start with one loop around your foot (instead of your knee) and repeat the movement. Then start to mimic your stride by stepping out then lowering your arm.
  6. Repeat this exercise on the opposite side to keep your muscles balanced.

2. Strengthen your shoulder with bilateral arm raises.

  1. Stand on the middle of your CLX band
  2. Hold one end loop in each hand
  3. Point your thumbs upward
  4. Bring your arms upwards to shoulder level (forming a T with your body)
  5. Hold, slowly return, and repeat.

3. Improve your rotation with diagonal lifting and chopping.

Improve Your Rotation with Diagonal Lifting and Chopping

  1. Start by securing your band using a door anchor
  2. Stand with your feet apart and your arms up grasping the other end of the band
  3. Pull the band down, across your body, while rotating your trunk
  4. Keep your elbows straight and slowly return and repeat the exercise
  5. Complete the same exercise on the opposite side, before moving to diagonal lifting
  6. Start the second exercise by inserting your foot into one end loop
  7. Hold the other end loop in both hands starting near your knee (move down loops to increase the challenge)
  8. Keeping your arms straight, rotate your trunk and bring the band across your body above the opposite shoulder
  9. Hold, slowly return, and repeat
  10. Switch to the other side

4. Strengthen your throwing arm with this reverse throw exercise.

  1. Start in a staggered stance with one end loop around your front foot
  2. Hold another loop in your opposite hand (the closer together the loops, the greater the resistance)
  3. Mimic an overhead throwing motion using your looped hand (You can hold a ball while doing this exercise to help you perform the correct motion, just don’t release it)
  4. Repeat

5. Move on to your core with CLX in-and-outs.

  1. Sit on the floor
  2. Bring the center loops up to just above your knees
  3. Place the end loops around each hand, keeping your grasp open
  4. Balance with your knees bent and your arms around your knees
  5. Extend your legs and arms outward forming a V
  6. Perform a crunch movement coming back into a ball
  7. Repeat

6. Focus on your hips with the CLX cross hip abduction.

  1. Start with your feet in the center loops, separated by one loop
  2. Cross the bands behind your knees and bring the CLX around your thighs
  3. Cross the band again and place one hand in each end loop
  4. Hold the band at waist level
  5. Bend your knees slightly
  6. As you rise, kick out to the side with one foot then return to your starting position
  7. Bend and kick out with the opposite foot
  8. Repeat

7. Practice your batting with this functional swing using a CLX resistance band.

Practice your Bathing with this Functional Swing Using a CLX Resistance Band

  1. Attach one end of your CLX band at head level using the CLX door anchor
  2. Hold the other end loop in both hands, like you would grip a baseball bat
  3. Perform a swinging motion against the resistance, mimicking the motion of swinging your bat
  4. Repeat

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